Tandem wedding

One of the interesting aspects of writing a blog is seeing how readers find that blog. WordPress tells me that people searching the term “tandem wedding” have come across my blog. Given how new and unread my blog is, it’s likely that only one person actually searched this and accessed my blog.

One thing I may be misunderstanding is whether this search term refers to a tandem bicycle themed wedding, a la this too-cute-for-the-Captain tandem cake topper:

…or, whether this term means weddings conducted in tandem:

Yes indeed, I have mentioned once or twice here that I’m planning a wedding. I have not said here that I’m interested in a tandem-themed wedding, but I did mention in my very first post that I’m pushing the notion for a tandem wedding registry, in the hopes that friends and family will want to pitch in to help us get a new Co-motion. It seems clear that a tandem-themed wedding is a natural sequitor for the tandem couple getting married, right?

Just yesterday, my honey and I met with an amazing caterer – Home on the Range – who gave us advice about selecting food and choosing a venue. We’re looking for cost-effective, fun-maximizing, creative solutions, and the caterer had many wonderful, and selfless tips – like, hire someone else, or, make your own food! Seriously, working with someone who knows food, local procurement, the seasons, and venues makes this process a lot less daunting. Maybe even enjoyable, especially when she sends us home with her mole sauce, sweet and sour pickles, and chocolate-chip cookies to taste.

While the three of us chatted about various options for how to organize the big day, one thought cycled around in the back of my mind. For a couple reasons I kept silent about it – a) How much does the groom really want to get involved in all these yadda-yadda wedding details that are best left to the ladies; and b) How concerned with the details should the masculine groom really let himself get?

Unfortunately, this is where my sensitive side, my love of bicycles, and my appreciation for “symbolism” will get the better of me. My silly dream (of course!) is to depart from the wedding site as newlyweds together on a (newlywelded) tandem, and cycle to the reception. Even better would be to have a an entire bicycle procession made up of our cycling friends. Occasionally, I felt this silent little dream slip away when talk of convenience suggested we have the wedding and the reception in the same place. Riding in a circle around the church wouldn’t be quite as dramatic.

Riding away on the wedding tandem – that’s the extent to my idea of tandem-themed wedding so far. And it’s definitely just going to be the two of us up there at the altar.


2 Responses to “Tandem wedding”

  1. 2 Patty Huber October 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    This is seriously my fantasy! I even have the picture of that cake topper on a wedding vision board that I made. So cool you guys!

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